Innovative Technology of Smartphone Charging For 30 Seconds

Innovative Technology of Smartphone Charging For 30 Seconds

Good news for those who can not wait, when the technology of ultrafast charging smartphones goes beyond laboratory tests. An Israeli company has developed an innovative battery, that allows charge mobile phone in just a few seconds, and Electric car – in minutes.

The new smart battery uses nano-technology to synthesize artificial molecules and behaves like a super-dense sponge, absorbing energy and keeping it.
Company StoreDot from Tel Aviv presented a prototype battery for the phone and now plans to use for the development of the same model for the car.

While the current smart battery for the phone too cumbersome, but by 2016, the company promises to make the thin and compact for charging a mobile phone in just 30 seconds.
The innovation based on the creation of nanoparticles, which developers describe, as bio-organic molecules peptide. They change the characteristics of the battery, ensuring a rapid accumulation, and most importantly, energy storage.

Nanodots represent uniform crystals are two nanometers in diameter, that consist of the peptide molecules. The company said, that the production of self-assembled nanodots relatively inexpensive due to their natural origin. They can be made of available bio-organic materials, and friendly to the environment.
But yet to sort out with the size of the battery and capacity of the battery, but in general, this is a very big breakthrough. This battery can be repeatedly charged and used.


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